Initial ISO repository on a XenServer host

Initial ISO repository on a XenServer host

Today I was performing a fresh install of XenServer 7.5 on my test server and ran into the issue of “How do I get my first VM on there?”.  By default there isn’t a local ISO repository on the initial install.

I looked at my notes from a few years ago and figured I should put them up here for when I end up losing those papers.

  • Connect to the server using your favorite SSH program [e.g. PuTTY].
  • Create a folder off the root [e.g. /iso_library/]
  • Enter the following into the console:

xe sr-create name-label=LocalISO type=iso device-config:location=/iso_library device-config:legacy_mode=true content-type=iso

  • Download the ISO into the folder
  • Rescan the LocalISO SR on the host and there it is!

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