XenServer update script

XenServer update script

I recently had to reinstall some XenServer hosts and found the update procedure from both the CLI and the Xen Center application to be tedious and very time consuming.  Each update had to be applied individually. Erf, not something I relished doing at the best of times.

I came across this fantastic script: Citrix_XenServer_Patcher by Darren Gibbard which has saved me countless hours of downloading and installing patches on a one-by-one basis.

Using it is as simple as:

wget --no-check-certificate -O patcher.py https://raw.github.com/dalgibbard/citrix_xenserver_patcher/master/patcher.py
chmod u+x patcher.py

The output is clean and informative:

Output from DalGibbard's xen patcher script
Output from Darren Gibbard’s script

Kudos to Darren!

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